Faculty of Medicine

Dean's Message

Dear Colleagues and Students,

Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, founded in the year 2010, is not only a national education center with 2720 students, but also an international cultural mosaic. Our faculty of medicine consists of many faculty members and scientists, who have proven themselves in their field of study, each of whom deserves national and international respect in their field of study.

Our aim, as faculty of medicine, is to train medical doctors who can serve as a model as well as a leader by being a researcher and an individual with ethical values, having improved communication skills, contributing science of medicine, equipped with professional skills and attitudes that will help improve public health, while being aware of the health challenges our country and our world face.

We will be happy to see our students of faculty of medicine as a medical doctor, who are continuously researching, learning, questioning while not being satisfied with what they have and continue developing themselves in the post-graduation period also. Another duty of a medical doctor is to be a researcher and a scientist. Medicine, as a science, is an area where new developments and inventions are continuously experienced and where the competition both in national and international level is intense. One of our main duties is to create circumstances where scientifically strong, participant as well as researcher medical doctors, producing information and technology of universal quality, are trained.

            Our faculty continuously serves with an outstanding effort in both patient follow-up and distance learning/online examination activities during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic period that affects whole world and our country. I would like to express my endless thanks once more to our dear faculty members and students, for their outstanding efforts and distinguished services during Covid-19 pandemic.

Dear students, medical education takes a life-long period. You are going to be medical doctors, performing your jobs on the basis of ethical values, being both a researcher and an inquirer, making difference with your knowledge and quality at the end of this path.


On behalf of our faculty, i welcome you and wish a successful, healthy and peaceful academic year for you, for all our faculty members and for our administrative personnel.


With my love and respect.


Prof. Dr. Tuğba ENSARİ

Vice Dean