Kalite Koordinatörlüğü

Mission, Vision and Basic Values


Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University,

To raise individuals who are open to questioning and respectful to moral values in the fields of science, culture, sports and art, with the qualified education given in the light of universal values; to produce knowledge and technology with its research and present it to the benefit of society; to produce benefits for humanity on the axis of knowledge and technology that it produces with its entrepreneurial spirit; With the sense of social responsibility it feels, it adopts as its mission to contribute to the development of human capital at national and international level.


Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, It adopts as its vision to be a university that contributes to the construction of a good future with the education and training it offers, that succeeds in carrying the vast accumulation of our scientific tradition to the present day, that produces benefits for humanity with its research and projects, that gains international prestige and that has academic, administrative and financial autonomy.

Basic Values

 The values that guide the formation of the institutional culture and identity of Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University are as follows:

Our Managerial Values:

Values-Based Management: To institutionalize our values that we have determined and adopted.

Competitiveness and Performance Orientation: To carry out its structuring on a competitive and performance-oriented basis and to institutionalize competitiveness within the university.

Being Sharing: To plan administrative works and transactions in a shared way, to take decisions together with the relevant stakeholders.

Transparency: Managerial transparency and accountability.

Our Education Values:

Quality-Oriented and Perfectionism: To continuously improve the quality of education and to provide education of the highest quality.

 International Approach: Presenting educational activities with an international perspective.

Student-Oriented: To adopt student-orientedness in educational activities.

Analytical and Innovative Approach: Synthesizing analytical and innovative thinking, which are the two most basic features required in the information society, to gain students. · Respect for National and Spiritual Values: To be respectful and sensitive to national, spiritual and universal values in education processes.

Our Research Values:

Academic Autonomy: Giving importance to the rights of freedom in research and education activities carried out by researchers.

Interdisciplinary Approach: To offer broad perspectives and make new discoveries by integrating the common approaches of different disciplines in the same processes. 

Encourage Research Collaborations: To encourage national and international collaborations within and outside the university in scientific activities.

Moral Sensitivity: To diligently try to fulfill the requirements of scientific ethics in research processes.

Our Social Responsibility Values:

Social Awareness: To encourage our members to be sensitive to our national interests and social developments.

Being a Solution Partner: To be a solution partner to national and global problems with research and suggestions.

Support for Local and National Development: To plan and execute preferences and activities in a way that will be beneficial to local and national development. To transfer the produced information to the society through internal and external stakeholders.

Our Entrepreneurship Values:

Encouraging Entrepreneurship: Encouraging faculty and students to be entrepreneurs. ·

Keeping the Balance Between Scientific Benefit and Commercial Benefit: To balance scientific gains and concerns with economic benefit in its activities.