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YBU Psychology master program was developed on the distinction between Psychological Sciences and Clinical Psychology that enables focusing different subfields of psychology and applied both national and international universities.   “The Psychology” M.S program started to accept students in fall semester of 2012-13 academic year.  Master of Science Program for Clinical Psychology launched in fall semester of 2016-2017 academic years.  “Psychology” M.S program includes a rich scope in line with the AYBU mission. The program provides an opportunity to candidates to progress academically and scientifically as well as to focus on different application areas of social psychology. 

Our department also offers opportunity to specialize in subfields such as Personality-Social, Political, and Community Psychology which are common in abroad but not get mush interest in our country. M.S programs grounded on excessive specialization on subfields of psychology has been began to be criticized in course of time. In this regard, AYBU Psychology Master Program challenges students to specialize different major study fields of psychology. Moreover, our department adopts a perspective that allows collaboration and interaction among other subfields of psychology within scope of education and research activities.

AYBU Psychology M.S Program was mainly designed for psychology graduates; nevertheless our program accepts applications of graduates from different departments. If those students who do not have psychology bachelor degree are accepted to the program, considering the courses they have taken previously, a scientific preparation program is applied to them for one year. Students who successfully accomplish in psychology courses will qualify to continue the M.S program. 

Students who graduate from the M.S program have Psychology master degree diploma. Any certificate for subfields of psychology is given to the students. As another important issue, graduates those who do not have Psychology bachelor degree do not acquire title of “psychologist” within the scope of “YÖK”. The title of “psychologist”  is only acquired with bachelor degree.  

YBU “Psychology” M.S. program cover the subfields of Social Psychology, Personality- Social Psychology, Political Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

The program has been enriched with research and statistic courses to improve research skills of the students. The program lasts 2 years (4 semesters). In the first year, the successful completion of 7 courses (21 credits) including compulsory and elective courses, and seminar course is required. Through second year, students who are successful in the course phase are expected to prepare an original thesis in their chosen subfield.

Our students also have opportunity to create their own course program in accordance with their own interest with their advisor.