Directorate of Student Affairs


About Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office was established according to the Higher Education Law numbered 2547with Article 51/a. The assignments of Student Affairs Office are listed as follows in 31th Article of “Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions Statutory Decree”:

  1. To conduct the works concerning first registration admission and courses statuses.
  2. To conduct the works concerning graduation, student card and follow up of the graduates.
  3. To conduct other such relates issues.

The main objective of this unit is to offer information and document and services to students, graduates, academic staff and related institutions by utilizing the developing information technology in cooperation with all units of the university and enabling the proper function of academic period. In this context, Student Affairs Office is a unit both coordinating all processes of administrative and academic units and offering service to the students.


To enhance quality of service by accelerating the access to information with qualified staff experienced in their profession and physical and technological equipment.


To offer service to the students by utilizing the existing opportunities with our experienced , investigative, and multitalented staff  and objectives on the side of change.


· To provide equal opportunities to each student

 · To increase social solidarity and cultural interaction

· To apply world standards in education

·To establish an effective “Information Management Service  and to apply it…