Language Education Application and Research Center

Our Mission-Our Vision

Our Mission

Teaching Turkish primarily as well as Ottoman Turkish and also meeting the required world foreign language needs domestically and abroad,

Establishing units to introduce Türkiye and Turkish culture,

Carrying out joint education-training, research, application and publication activities in the field of "Turkish language teaching" primarily as well as in the field of teaching other world languages needed, by collaborating with universities and the relevant public institutions and organizations.


Our Vision

Making our students or course attendees highly-qualified through their academic lives and throughout their careers; those having the ability of representation and the ability to demonstrate theirselves in multi-national/cultural environments by providing them;

* The education of Turkish language, spread over a large geographical area and spoken in a widespread manner with its various dialects throughout the world

* The required foriegn language education

* Personal development courses,

Making Turkish language and culture more prominent in the international arena by means of Turkish language education provided by our Center have all been determined as the vision of our unit.