Meet the Chair

Department of International Relations established within the body of Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University (AYBU) Faculty of Political Sciences has been offering education with the purpose of contributing to answering the increasing need for international relations/foreign policy specialists of Turkey  and public and private sector staff able to comprehend developing multidimensional international relations and aware of the needs of our age. Department of International Relations is preparing itself to train individuals ready for business life with the potential of professionalization to take part in the resolution processes of preparation of semester programs and course contents, pursuing the world agenda, aware of the recent problems of the country and the world.

The objective of the department is to provide basic and updated information to students to train specialists in the field of international relations, to teach the history of international system and the phases it has undergone since 16th Century, process of international system, framework of law, examination of events and facts, provide critical and analytical thinking ability. Turkey and Turkish Foreign Policy has a great role within the international system. This program to be followed offers a wide range of study.

AYBU Department of International Relations is an institution training specialists in the fields of diplomacy and international relations whose language of education is in English, which is one of the aspects that differentiates the department from others. The period of study is 4 years in addition to one year English Preparatory Class. Those who finish bachelor’s degree in the department are entitled with bachelor degree in  International Relations. The department also offers master program, non-thesis master’s program and doctoral program. The graduate students may work at any ministry in which the International Relations Department or EU units are available, especially in Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  They may also work at varied at different departments of international institutions such as United Nations, The World Bank, European Union; universities, National and international Strategic Research Centre, public banks, international and national banks, multinational and national companies, semi-official organizations and official professional organizations.

The department consists of four sub-fields:

·         International Law

·         International Economic Integration

·         International Relations

·         Political History

Department of International Relations of AYBU Faculty of Political Sciences will struggle to train its students as individuals as professionals in their fields with successful representation skill and general knowledge in human relations, able to speak at least one foreign language by offering an excellent and multidimensional education.