AYBU International Relations Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I register my phone? How to get a SIM card?

In order not to be blocked for use in Turkey, smart-phones bought from abroad should be registered within 120 days. For the registration you need your passport, International Mobile Equipment Identity and a tax fee (approx. 1500 TL). After paying the tax fee to any Tax Office, with the receipt you should go to your service operator to finish the registration. If you do not want to register your phone and pay the tax fee, you are advised to buy a phone from Turkey that you can use during your stay. You should know that smart phones are not cheap; however, you may still buy one for less than the tax fee. You are highly recommended to buy SIM card. Two of the main service operators are Turkcell and Vodafone. Do not forget to bring your passport and phone with you when you go to buy a SIM card.


I need to see a doctor. What should I do?

Turkey prides itself with the high quality of medical services. As a student you may use AYBU medical centres for free. If you prefer a doctor outside the university, you can get help from your Erasmus mentor and arrange an appointment. Doctors usually know English.


Can I communicate only in English?

Turkish is the official language in Turkey. However many people speak and/or understand basic English. Most instructors, students and university staff at AYBU speak English. The classes you attend are in English; thus you should not have any troubles following the lectures. Even if you meet with a staff member who cannot speak English, there will always be someone around who may help. Turkish people in general are friendly towards foreigners. Moreover, you are highly welcome to attend Introductory Turkish language course and get your chance to practice your Turkish language skills with native speakers. 


Is drinking alcohol legal?

Drinking habits in Turkey might differ from those in European countries. 18 is the legal age to buy and consume alcohol. Please keep in mind that it is not common to see drunken people in public and drinking people in public places are often perceived as ill-mannered. Alcohol consummation is mostly offered in pubs, discos, clubs and some restaurants.


How much are museum entrance fees for students?

You may get a Museum Card for students that will allow you to visit hundreds of museums free of charge and get to know many of the historical and cultural sites in Turkey. The card is approx. 30 Turkish Liras and is valid for one year. You can get it from any museum in which the card is valid by showing your student ID and paying the fee.  


What is the currency in Turkey?

Turkish Lira (For Currency: https://www.tcmb.gov.tr/wps/wcm/connect/en/tcmb+en/main+page+site+area/today)