A.     Courses given via distance education:


1-      All Faculties (4500 Participants)


Turkish Language I, II (Bachelor’s degree)

Turkish Revolution History I, II (Bachelor’s degree)

2-      Faculty Of Engineering (2500 Participants)


Digital Design (Bachelor’s degree)

Electrical Circuits (Bachelor’s degree)

Nanostructed Materials and Self Assembly (Postgraduate)

Advanced Data Mining (Postgraduate)


B.     Certificate Programs


1.      Work Security Expertise (200 Participants)


The objective of the program is to provide required occupational health and safety information to engineers, architects and technical staff who are interested in being work security expertise to apply in their business life and realize the missions brought by the regulations.


2.      Centre for Continuous Education of Family Doctors (22000 Participants)

The program started educational activities on first of December in 2012 by Yıldırım Beyazıt University within the framework of “Continuous Vocational Development”. Continuous Vocational Education covers second phase adaptation training and in-service training. All Senior Physicians, except for those who have completed and certificated by First Phase Adaptation Training, those still continuing this program, practitioners who are working as Family Doctors and Family Doctor Expertise, have to attend the program.



3.      Proficiency Programs of Sales Demonstrators

It is a distance education program to provide more information to sales demonstrators with an awareness of the significance of ethics and significance of giving exact information in representing medicine and medical products and to enable conducting professional activities within the direction of reasonable drug use.


C.     European Union Projects


1.      Step Training e-Platform

It is a distance education application organized within the framework of Leonardo Project of European Union and in which our university takes place as a founder and coordinator.