Mission & Vision


To train students sensitive to humanity and society,  aware of the role of himself/herself and his/her profession in social and educational development, having Professional competency and ethical responsibility, regarding continuous development as a life style, adapted scientific thinking and working, considering institutional benefits, able to think creatively and critically,

To develop learning environment in which students can discuss educational problems, find solution to them and express themselves independently,

To constitute physical and technological environment to facilitate information access, communication and interaction for students and staff,

To organize national and international congress, symposiums, panels, conferences, workshops, meetings etc. within the cooperation with various sub-fields of educational units and conduct institutional and applicable research projects and do publications,

To constitute an environment with an awareness of social responsibility, considering quality in academic studies, open to interdisciplinary approach, sharing information, considering academic standards in evaluations, supporting productivity and creativity and develop the culture to sustain it,

To perpetuate realization of administrative activities of all academic staff with a democratic and participant approach.


To be a distance education centre examining educational problems of the society on the basis of individual education right, equality and respect to human rights,  finding solutions to these problems and be pioneer in the determination of policies in this direction, sharing the information background with national and international academic groups, private and public sector and non-governmental institutions and being a preferable institution with its undergraduate and graduate programs by contributing to information production by institutional and applicable researches in the fields of distance education.